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Sinister Cinema has been around for over 30 years now, and we would like to thank to following people or companies for their invaluable help...


Ron has the best collection of horror, science fiction, and fantasy posters on the entire planet.  It is truly a thing to marvel at, and if you have ever seen his book, "Graven Images," you know what we are talking about.  Ron has been helping us for many years and has our deepest thanks and appreciation.  If you have any poster or paper needs, Ron and Margaret's store not only has an unequaled selection of vintage horror, sci-fi, and fantasy material but a tremendous volume of material from other genres as well.  The telephone number to his store, Hollywood Movie Posters, is 323-463-1792.  If you're in Hollywood and want to drop in for a visit, the store address is 6727 5/8 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Ca., 90028.  Thanks Ron!


Mike is a top-of-the-line character and product design artist.  He is a most significant figure in the history of classic super hero comic books and was Jack Kirby's personal inker for many, many years.  Mike is also a long-time film collector and expert in the B western area.  His home is a beautiful showplace celebrating the history of the great western films of the past.  Our best wishes and thanks go out to him and his lovely wife, Laurie.  If you should have need of Mike's artistic talents, visit his website at www.michaelroyer.com.  Thanks, Mike!


Sinister Cinema wouldn't have been Sinister Cinema without the late Allan Hoos.  During his years as a film collector, Allan provided us with countless rare titles, many of which had never been on video before.  His help to our company was immeasurable.  Where would your own personal video collection be without Allan Hoos?  Not as extensive as you might think.  He was the greatest single source of rare films that we ever encountered in all of our years in business.  Allan has passed on, but we will always owe him a great amount of gratitude.


Jeremy and his son Taze have been in the home video business in Baker City Oregon for over a quarter of a century.  They have been instrumental in helping Sinister Cinema with a plethora of movie titles and production work.  It's a true case of two competitors having a symbiotic relationship.  Plus they're fun to go to Dairy Queen with!  Our great thanks to them for all the support they have given to us over the years.  Thanks, guys!


Along with Sam Sherman and Mike Royer, these three guys probably know more about B westerns than anyone on the Earth.  Ed and Packy's book, "Hollywood Corral" is a literary mainstay for many B western fans.  There is simply no way that Sinister Cinema could have made its way into the B Western genre without  the invaluable help of these three close friends.  Sadly, Packy passed away in 2018 and he will be sorely missed.  Happy trails old friend! 


Fred Ray is a modern version of Roger Corman.  Fred has been making low budget sci-fi and horror films for decades.  Fred has been a close friend and business associate for many years and we owe him a large debt of thanks.  Fred's video company, Retromedia, is a friendly competitor of ours that provides collectors with many rare titles from the world of obscure films.  They can be reached at www.retromedia.org.  Thanks, Fred.


Sam has been a true mentor to Sinister Cinema for many years, guiding us and offering advice in many areas.  His is one of the most knowledgable film historians around.  In addition, Sam is the owner and founder of Independent International Pictures, which has provided filmdom with many great horror and science fiction films over the years starring the likes of John Carradine, Lon Chaney, Jr., J. Carroll Naish, and many others.  Sam was also instrumental in Sinister Cinema's entrance in the B Western field.  Thanks, Sam.