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15 NEW DRIVE-IN & WALK-IN DOUBLE FEATURES! (and 3 new Armchair Fiction releases below) Plus, THE BIG SPENDER SALE & THE $98 SPECIAL are both back thru 7/18/24!


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IMPORTANT! The Sinister Cinema Comic Book Collection is for sale!  Just click on "Classic Comic Book Collection" in the left hand column.  Sinister Sinema owner Greg Luce has decided to sell his amazing collection of sought-after Silver and Golden Age comics (he got tired of them sitting around in safety deposit boxes all the time!). You can also click HERE to get the detailed lowdown. If you have questions, please call us at 541-773-6860, or email us at scinema@qwestoffice.net.   

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Questions? Email us at scinema@qwestoffice.net or call 541-773-6860. Thanks!


Only $12.95 Per Double Feature

A TERRIFIC New Batch of Double Billings! 

We’ve got 13 new DI combos for you to enjoy.  Ten are brand new pairings along with three older re-mastered combos.  In addition, we’ve got 2 brand new Walk-in Combos.  These pairings include some choice titles like MANOS, THE HANDS OF FATE (1966); GOLIATH AND THE SINS OF BABYLON (Mark Forest, 1963); FABULOUS WORLD OF JULES VERNE (1958); SCREAM OF THE BUTTERFLY (1965); HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE (Paul Naschy, 1973); THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED (Lilli Palmer, 1969); plus an all-anamorphic-widescreen pairing of one of our very earliest doubles, TERROR OF DR. HICHCOCK and AWFUL DR. ORLOF.  We also have another bundle of  new intermission ads and promos to spice up our intermission reels in these new combos—lots of cool new goodies to go along with all the other material in our vast intermission library. 

We have also gone back and upgraded many of our older DI Combos: DI-1, DI-3, DI-4, DI-6, DI-8, DI-9, DI-14 and several others.  The video quality on all these combos is excellent and they are all mastered on dual layer discs.  So put on the hot dogs and crack open some sodas—and don’t forget the popcorn, candy and other goodies as you sit back and enjoy a really excellent bath of new Drive-in and Walk-in Combos. And remember, SUPPORT YOU LOCAL DRIVE-IN!  

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Questions or orders?  Call us: 1-541-773-6860


ALSO!  30 Recent Features; 13 Recent Armchair Fiction Releases

A Great Group of New Film and Book Releases

Here is a stellar lineup of 30 New DVD titles.  On the horror side, you just DON'T want to miss THE APE MANThe Definitive Final Cut (1943) with Lugosi in a film that can finally (after 80 years) be taken seriously.  Moving over to science fiction, you'll love PROFESSOR LUND, DOCTOR OF DEATH (1959), which is a great medical science fiction thriller with Wolfgang (Dr. Mabuse) Preiss.  For those who like silent classics, be sure to check out our new editions of THE ROAD TO MANDALAY (1926) and THE MAN WHO LAUGHS (1928).  Both have orchestral music scores (they're terrific) and both feature newly tinted versions as well as the B&W originals (MANDALAY also contains a new edit on the surviving footage of THE MIRACLE MAN, 1919).   One of the best new British thrillers to come our way recently is THE SHAKEDOWN (1960), which is a tough-as-nails crime film with great performances from Terence Morgan and Hazel Court.  If you love epic fantasy with lots of evil beasts don't miss an overlooked Euro classic, THE MAGIC SWORD (1950), from 35mm with easy to understand English subtitles.  Back to horror, THE HOUSE OF SEVEN CORPSES (1973) is a terrific drive-in horror gem with John Carradine and the beautiful Faith Domergue.  Another great horror thriller (and on video for the first time in the U.S.) is THE LADY IN BLACK (1958), which seems to have a killer ghost on the loose in an old dark house.  We've got a new Edgar Wallace-style Krimi German thriller, THE MYSTERY OF THE GREEN SPIDER (1960), offered with English subtitles and from 35mm.  One of the most outrageous Soviet sci-fi films you'll ever see is SILVER DUST (1953), which is loaded with anti-American propaganda in addition to its wonderfully unique sci-fi storyline.  And if you love Euro science fiction you won't want to miss our beautiful anamorphic edition of 2+5: MISSION HYDRA.  Plus there are MANY other new titles.  Start perusing the Sinister website to take it all in.  AND DON'T FORGET, we’ve got 13 Brand New Armchair Fiction Releases (including 10 new Lost World-Lost Race classics, as well as three new volumes of original Hardy Boys classics, all from 1928—see below). 

Thanks Again!


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PLUS! Don't Forget Our Recent Releases from Autumn of 2023


There were 49 DVD titles and 7 Armchair Fiction Titles!

Autumn 2023 featured a true Bumper Crop here at Sinister Cinema.  We had an Amazing array of new titles, including THE MAN WHO THOUGHT LIFE (1967, sci-fi); LADY IN WHITE (1962, horror); THE TITANS (1962, sword & sandal); ANDROMEDA NEBULA (1967, Soviet sci-fi); MURDER IN A RED JAGUAR (1968, spies-espionage-intrigueJerry Cotton); ALONE IN THE NIGHT (1945, mystery); CARNIVAL OF SINNERS (1943, horror, in English); THE GREEN ARCHER (1961, Edgar Wallacein English); FANTOMAS AGAINST FANTOMAS (1949, horror); SAMSON IN THE WAX MUSEUM (1963, horrorin English from 35mm); plus many, many more.  On the Armchair Fiction side there were plenty of great titles by top-of-the-line authors like Stanton A. Coblentz, Jack Williamson, Milton Lesser, Don Wilcox, Harl Vincent and many more.  Plus, in addition there were two new "Masters of Science Fiction" volumes featuring the great Neil R. Jones and Rog Phillips.

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The BIG SPENDER SALE is back thru July 18th!

Any 25 titles for only $159 postpaid! 

Huge Savings!

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If you like tales of Science Fiction and Mystery check these great new titles out. (scroll down to the bottom of this page for more info).  




16 New and Recent ARMCHAIR FICTION Titles
Here are 16 new and recent Armchair Fiction releases for your bookshelf.  We've got 3 brand new "Masters of Science Fiction" collections featuring Edmond Hamilton, Don Wilcox, and David Wright O'Brien.  Then there are 10 recent "Lost World-Lost Race" Novels featuring tales of Hollow Earth, descendants of Atlantis, lost jungle civilizations, etc.  Not only that, but we've also got 3 recent volumes of the original Hardy Boys classics, "The Missing Chums," "Hunting for Hidden Gold," and "The Shore Road Mystery," all from 1928, complete with original covers and illustrations by Walter S. Rogers.  Check these out and more by simply clicking below 

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