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Simply add this product to your cart to take advantage of this great sale. Buy any 5 titles from our website catalog and receive the 6th title absolutely free. Remember, this sale applies to all titles in our website catalog. WE WILL ADJUST YOUR FINAL TOTAL!  Don't worry about the total on your invoice during checkout, we will adjust your total on our end and you will only be charged the sale price. We will also pick your most expensive title(s) to be your free title(s). 


THE CHASE (1946, United Artists) Robert Cummings, Peter Lorre, Steve Cochran, Michele Morgan. Intriguing story of an ex-G.I. who, by the simple act of returning a lost wallet, finds himself mixed up with hardened criminals. Cochran and Lorre give terrific low-key performances as overdressed psychos. PLUS:  SHOCK (1946, Fox) Vincent Price, Lynn Bari, Frank Latimore. A woman goes into catatonic shock after seeing a brutal murder. When she comes to, she discovers her doctor is the killer!


HORROR MANIACS (1948, aka THE GREED OF WILLIAM HART) Tod Slaughter, Henry Oscar, Jenny Lynn.  Tod's up to his maniacal tricks again in this grisly bodysnatching tale.  PLUS:  THE MONKEY’S PAW (1948) Milton Rosmer, Megs Jenkins, Michael Harvey. This engrossing British chiller is based on the classic horror tale by W.W. Jacobs. A man comes into possession of a withered, but magical paw of a dead monkey. From this paw he is bestowed three wishes...

Sci Fi 1000 EYES OF DR. MABUSE—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition 1000 EYES OF DR. MABUSE—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition

(1960, Upgraded 12/29/20) Peter Van Eyck, Gerte Frobe, Dawn Addams, Wolfgang Preiss. Fritz Lang’s swan song with the fiendish Dr. Mabuse committing a series of murders in a Posh hotel filled with...

Spies Espionage and Intrigue 13 DAYS TO DIE 13 DAYS TO DIE

(1965) Thomas Alder, Peter Carsten, Chitra Ratana, Horst Frank. Here's a neat piece of intrigue laced with bizarre and exotic settings, including an ancient lost city filled with ancient stone idols and cru

Action Adventure Thrillers 16 FATHOMS DEEP 16 FATHOMS DEEP
(1933, Monogram) Lon Chaney, Jr., Sally O’Neil, George Regas, Maurice Black, Si Jenks. Lon plays an adventurous sponge diver whose aim is to make enough cash to buy a boat of his own. He runs into
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