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Westerns BELLS OF SAN ANGELO—Uncut Color Edition BELLS OF SAN ANGELO—Uncut Color Edition

(1947,Republic) Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Andy Devine, John McGuire, Dave Sharpe. In Color and Uncut! Roy is an investigator who is joined by Dale (a western novel writer) in a search for border smugglers. Also assisting Roy is a jovial county sheriff played by Andy Devine. Several Mexican nationals have been murdered on the American side of the U.S./Mexico border.  The atrocities have all happened in and around a silver mine run...

Westerns UNDER CALIFORNIA STARS—Uncut Color Edition UNDER CALIFORNIA STARS—Uncut Color Edition

(1948) Roy Rogers, Jane Frazee, Andy Devine, George Lloyd, Wade Crosby, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. Uncut and in color!  Shortly after the anniversary of his tenth year in movies, Roy's beloved horse, Trigger, is kidnapped by outlaws.  All they want is a measly 100-grand for Trigger's safe return...


(1939) Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes, Donald Barry, Doris Day, Hal Talaiferro. Another solid Roger-Repulic effort. As a young child, Roy sees his father murdered in cold blood and his brother kidnapped by a...


(1968 aka GOD WAS IN THE WEST, TOO, AT ONE TIME) Gilbert Roland, Richard Harrison, Ennio Girolami, Folco Lulli. A priest disguised as a gunslinger races to find the stolen treasure of a Texas church. He is...

Sword and Sandal BLACK LANCERS, THE—Widescreen Edition BLACK LANCERS, THE—Widescreen Edition

(1962) Mel Ferrer, Yvonne Furneaux, Leticia Roman, Lorella De Luca, Jean Claudio.   Ferrer is the hero in this sprawling sword and sandal epic.  He spends much of his screen time trifling with the lovely Furneaux, while his not so nice brother joins forces with notorious Tartar warriors who launch a ruthless invasion. There is a wealth of cool action scenes in this film and you won’t be bored...

Sword and Sandal URSUS IN THE LAND OF FIRE—Widescreen Edition URSUS IN THE LAND OF FIRE—Widescreen Edition

(1961) Ed Fury, Luciana Gilli, Adriano Micantoni, Claudia Mori, Nando Tamberlani.  An evil general murders his king, then wages war on a peaceful neighboring tribe, killing the women and enslaving the men.   Ursus attempts to intercede but is captured and put under the lash.  He also faces five giants; is caught in an earthquake; lives through his cruel imprisonment; then ends up in a stunning battle to rescue a king's princess...


(1958) Isabelle Corey, Anthony Steffen, Irène Tunc, Ivo Garrani.  This is the story of Antigone, a ruler obsessed with the building of a sacred temple. Standing in the way are dissatisfied multitudes and an outbreak of plague.  He takes aim at the local Christians in a manner reminiscent of Demetrius and the Gladiators.  Steffan is Demetrio, a sculptor whose love for a beautiful slave girl (Corey) brings him loads of trouble...


(1935) Willy Fritsch, Paul Kemp, Käthe Gold, Fita Benkhoff.  Jupiter, looking down from Mt. Olympus, falls for an Earth woman, Alkmene, whose husband is the mighty Theban soldier, Amphitryon.  With only a day left before the return of the Theban Army, Jupiter and Mercury come to Thebes disguised as Amphitryon and his drunken pal, Sosias.  They explain that they have returned from war a day early, which gives them a whole night to work their charms on their unsuspecting wives...

Spies Espionage and Intrigue COUNTDOWN TO DOOMSDAY—Widescreen Edition COUNTDOWN TO DOOMSDAY—Widescreen Edition

(1966) George Ardisson, Pascale Audret, Christa Linder, Luciana Angiolillo, Patrick Bernhard.  A Private Detective is hired by a rich oil baron to find his kidnapped Daughter.  The suspects are a smuggling ring in Caracas. When he goes there, he teams up with a British narcotics agent and his gorgeous female partner.  After many encounters with gangsters and even being framed for murder, the detective locates the missing girl, only to find...

Spies Espionage and Intrigue SHADOW OF FEAR SHADOW OF FEAR

(1963) Paul Maxwell, Clare Owen, Anita West, John Sutton, John Arnatt.  On his way home to America from Baghdad, Maxwell encounters an old girlfriend who asks him to pass along a message to the British Secret Service.  But doing this puts his life in danger and is soon captured by a gang of conspirators...

Spies Espionage and Intrigue LADIES FIRST LADIES FIRST

1963) Eddie Constantine, Christiane Minazzoli, Robert Manuel, Mischa Auerl.  Here’s an Eddie Constantine film we’ve had sitting, unreleased, for over 25 years.  Better late than never, though, and we don’t think it’s ever before been on home video!  Eddie plays a tough FBI agent in France.  He meets up with a woman whose husband has been knocked off by his business partner.  It seems the partner has been using the firm as a cover for drug trafficking.  


(1956) Rod Cameron, Lois Maxwell, Peter Illing, Clifford Evans, Cameron is once again a tough private detective who, on his way to meet a fellow investigator on a foggy London night, tumbles headfirst into a mystery—his pal has been murdered!  The big clue is a dropped passport that leads Cameron to a secret neo-Nazi ring, which is somehow connected to the International League For World Peace...

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(1972) Mine Mutlu, Kunt Tulgar, Erol Tas, Erol Gunaydin.  This outlandish Turkish sci-fi action film features “the Copperhead,” a masked hero who fights the evil Dr. Satan.  The doctor has designs on conquering the world with robots and other electronics.  He laughs maniacally throughout the film.  There are many scenes that will make you howl and the Sherlock Holmish sidekick is bad beyond belief.  A wonderfully inept film that never lets up...

Sci Fi SEED OF MAN, THE—Widescreen Edition SEED OF MAN, THE—Widescreen Edition

(1969) Uldis Pucitis, Jüri Järvet, Lembit Peterson, Mikk Mikiver, Karlis Sebris.  It’s a post-apocalyptic world in which mankind has been decimated by an unknown plague.  Cities are on fire; millions have died.  A young couple is detained by the government and sequestered into a beach house to conceive a child in an effort to save mankind. They are soon visited by strange riders and a massive whale dies on their beach...

Sci Fi SWORD AND THE DRAGON—Special Edition SWORD AND THE DRAGON—Special Edition

(1956) Boris Andreyev, Shukur Burkhanov, Andrei Abrikosov, Natalya Medvedeva, Nelli Myshkova, Sergey Martinson.  A wonderful Russian fantasy about a legendary warrior who fights to save his people from an assortment of horrible monsters including a dragon, a wind demon, and other legendary creatures.  There are many great scenes and the special effects, for the time, were very well done...

Sci Fi INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN—Widescreen Edition INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN—Widescreen Edition

(1956) Lon Chaney, Casey Adams, Marian Carr, Robert Shayne.  A 1950s sci-fi standard that we all grew up with. Lon plays an executed killer brought back to life by research scientists, headed by Robert Shayne.  When he realizes he has been brought back from the dead and that his doctors are, essentially, his new captors, he shows his gratitude by killing them!  He then goes on a rampage seeking revenge against those who helped send him to the chair...


(1947) Jean-Pierre Aumont, Maria Montez, Dennis O’Keefe, Henry Daniell. Two Legionnaires comb the Sahara for a missing scientist.  They are captured by strange desert warriors and taken to the lost land of Atlantis, ruled over by a beautiful but ruthless queen who is surrounded by the golden mummies of past lovers. Aumont is great as the stalwart Legionnaire who crumbles to the sexual power of Montez...

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