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Action Adventure Thrillers FIRST AUTO, THE—2-Disc Tinted and B&W Edition FIRST AUTO, THE—2-Disc Tinted and B&W Edition

 (1927) Russell Simpson, Charles Mack, Patsy Ruth Miller, Barney Oldfield.  We offer both a newly tinted version of this film along with the original B&W version.  Both editions are gorgeous.  Simpson plays a longtime horse trainer and racer, well known for his pro-horse standing in the community.  When the first automobiles come out, his son (Mack) finds himself torn...

(1962) Patrick Allen, William Abney, Patrick Holt. Two British pilots launch their own airline between Singapore and Hong Kong. Things take a terrible turn, though, when one of their flights crashes
Action Adventure Thrillers FRONTIER WOLF FRONTIER WOLF

(1951) Piero Lulli, Maria Frau, Tamara Lees, Tonio Selwart. First time on DVD! This early Euro-thriller deals with various wanton acts of sabotage, which may or may not be political in nature, that

Action Adventure Thrillers FUGITIVE ROAD FUGITIVE ROAD
(1934, Invincible) Erich Von Stroheim, Leslie Fenton, Wera Engels, George Humbert. Erich plays a disagreeable Austrian officer caught up in a ménage a trois at a border outpost during WW1. Fenton is g
Action Adventure Thrillers FURY BELOW* FURY BELOW*
(1936) Russell Gleason, Maxine Doyle, LeRoy Mason, Sheila Terry, Rex Lease, John Merton. Gleason is a mine operator. Sabotage is afoot, though, and a plot to destroy the mine becomes apparent. It’s

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Action Adventure Thrillers GIRL O' MY DREAMS GIRL O' MY DREAMS
(1934, Monogram) Lon Chaney, Jr., Mary Carlisle, Eddie Nugent, Arthur Lake, Sterling Holloway. Another fine poverty row gem. In this well-made sports action opus, Lon plays a collegiate track star w
Action Adventure Thrillers GLASS SPHINX, THE GLASS SPHINX, THE

(1967) Robert Taylor, Anita Eckberg. A mummy movie with no mummy. A professor searches Egypt for the tomb of a pharaoh who had an elixir for eternal life. In his tomb is the priceless glass sphinx. Color

Armchair Fiction GLYPHS, THE GLYPHS, THE

Armchair fiction presents Roy Norton's "The Glyphs," our 29th installment of our "Lost World-Lost Race Classics" series. Hoping to find the truth about a hidden metropolis with rare glyphs (records carved on stone by a lost people), a band of daring adventurers, comprised of a scientific thief, a chiseled big game hunter, and a well-off “out-of-doors” man, travel halfway round the world to a savage jungle within the heart of South America...


(1974) Bruce Liung, Shirley Corrigan, Yasuaki Kurata, Gordon Mitchell, Mario Cutini, Maria D'Incoronato.  A ring of drug traffickers hire a mafia family to eliminate Interpol agents around the world.  They're thwarted in their efforts by a Kung Fu movie star.  Seeking revenge, they offer him a part in a new Kung Fu movie so they can lure him to his death...

Action Adventure Thrillers GREAT WALL, THE—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition GREAT WALL, THE—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition

THE GREAT WALL—Widescreen Edition (1962) Shintarô Katsu, Fujiko Yamamoto, Ken Utsui, Hiroshi Kawaguchi.  The time is 221 BC. The place is ancient China.  Warlord Qin Shihuangdi becomes emperor and rules over most of China. This lavish epic depicts the history of Qin's exploits, including the building of the Great Wall.  It’s filled with action and intrigue in the best traditions of epic filmmaking...

Action Adventure Thrillers GUN CARGO* GUN CARGO*
(1949) Rex Lease, Robert Frazer, William Farnum, Allene Ray. We are proud to say that this is the worst film in our action-adventure section. This high seas gun smuggling epic is ultra cheap and ult
Action Adventure Thrillers H-8... H-8...

(1958) Boris Buzancic, Djurdja Ivezic, Antun Vrdoljak, Vanja Drach.  This highly unique thriller centers around two vehicles—a bus and a truck—that are speeding towards each other along a wet, narrow two-lane highway on a stormy night.  Right from the start we learn that the two vehicles will eventually collide because of the actions of a reckless driver.  It’s even pointed out which seats will spell death for their occupants...

Action Adventure Thrillers HAPPY LANDING HAPPY LANDING
(1934, Monogram) Ray Walker, William Farnum, Julie Bishop, Noah Beery, Warner Richmond. Don’t let the dopey title fool you, this is a great poverty row thriller about U.S. Flying Service agents who w
(1957) Peter Lorre, John Carradine, Jon Hall, Peter Coe, Mike Mazurki. A wayward sea captain helps rid a jungle island of thieves who've been forcing natives to make dangerous, often fatal dives in...
Action Adventure Thrillers HELLFIRE CLUB, THE—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition HELLFIRE CLUB, THE—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition

(1961) Peter Cushing, Keith Mitchell, Adrienne Cori, Peter Arne, Kai Fischer, Martin Stephens. Exciting action with plenty of sword play as a forgotten British noble returns to claim his title and finds himself pitted against...

Action Adventure Thrillers HIGH POWERED* HIGH POWERED*
(1945) Robert Lowery, Phyllis Brooks, Roger Pryor, Mary Treen. Pretty good action flick with a "tortured hero" as the main character. Lowery is a high-rigger at a big plant, blamed for the death of
(1939 PRC) - Roland Drew, Steffi Duna, Alan Ladd, Greta Granstedt. The first PRC film (actually released under the PPC banner). A heroic underground group bands together as they take on the Nazi movement.
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