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Spies Espionage and Intrigue ECHO OF DIANA ECHO OF DIANA

(1963) Vincent Ball, Betty McDowall, Geoffrey Toone, Clare Owen, Dermot Walsh, Peter Illing.  McDowall’s life come’s apart when her husband is killed in a plane crash.  However, when an “in memoriam” notice appears in the paper before the crash has even been reported...

Spies Espionage and Intrigue EXILE EXPRESS EXILE EXPRESS

(1939) Anna Sten, Alan Marshall, Jerome Cowen, Stanley Fields, Harry Davenport. After a long hiatus, this was supposed to mark Sten’s big comeback. She’s very good and cute as a bug as a lab assistan


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Spies Espionage and Intrigue GOOD LUCK, CHARLIE GOOD LUCK, CHARLIE

(1964) Eddie Constantine, Albert Prejean, Carla Marlier.  This is another one of those cool "Lemmy Caution" type films that Constantine made all throughout the '50s and '60s.  Eddie arrives in Athens to help a friend search for a fugitive Nazi war criminal.  His friend is murdered, but with his dying gasp says the name “Stella...” 

Spies Espionage and Intrigue GUERRILLA GIRL* GUERRILLA GIRL*
(1953) Helmut Dantine, Marianna, Irene Champlin, Ray Julian. A wildcat Greek gypsy girl locks horns with crafty Nazi Intelligence agents...
Spies Espionage and Intrigue HAIL MAFIA* HAIL MAFIA*
(1965) Eddie Constantine, Jack Klugman, Henry Silva. A terrific film with a top-notch cast! Jack and Henry play hit men ordered to kill Eddie. Jack is torn between his orders and the loyalty he feels to h
Spies Espionage and Intrigue HOT MONEY GIRL HOT MONEY GIRL

(1959) Eddie Constantine, Dawn Addams, Christopher Lee, Marius Goring, Nadine Tallier.  This is a slick, extremely well-made caper-intrigue movie.  Constantine, Addams, and Goring hatch a plot to recover a lost parcel of priceless jewels from behind the iron curtain.  Their quest takes them to an old nuns’ convent that’s been turned into a police barracks.  Lots of perilous moments follow as they break through security lines in search of the jewels... 

Spies Espionage and Intrigue I WAS A SPY I WAS A SPY

(1933) Conrad Veidt, Madeline Carroll, Herbert Marshall, Edmund Gwenn, Gerald du Maurier.  This is a tremendous spy movie with a marvelous cast.  Carroll plays a nurse in occupied German territory who’s sending top secret info back to the British.  Things become disconcerting when she has to treat the wounds of soldiers injured because of her covert activities...

Spies Espionage and Intrigue IT MEANS THAT TO ME IT MEANS THAT TO ME

(1963) Eddie Constantine, Bernadette Lafont, Jean-Louis Richard.  Eddie, complete with trench coat, plays a down-on-his-luck reporter who is set up on espionage charges by the government after taking some illicit photos.  He’s then coerced by the Secret Service to transport top-secret micro-film and help figure out who’s been leaking classified info...

(1961) Eddie Constantine, Claudine Coster, Francois Chaumette, Marielle Gozzi. Eddie's framed for murder and ends up being sentenced to the slammer! He manages to escape, though. Soon after he sets

(1967) Yildirim Gencer, Suzan Avci, Reha Yurdakul, Devlet Devrim, Cahit Irgat.  That marvelous costumed Turkish superhero Kilink finds himself thrown in the middle of hostilities between two criminal mobs, both of which are vying for precious microfilm showing the location of government missile sites...

Spies Espionage and Intrigue KILL PANTHER KILL—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition KILL PANTHER KILL—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition

(1968) Tony Kendall, Brad Harris, Corny Rogers, Erika Blanc, Franco Fantasia, Hannelore Auers.  Another fun “Kommissar X” movie.  Tony and Brad are competitors in this tongue-in-check thriller, both trying to recover a stash of stolen jewels.  The criminal responsible for their theft has been busted out of jail and is in search of his twin brother, who knows the location of the stolen loot...

Spies Espionage and Intrigue KISS KISS, KILL KILL—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition KISS KISS, KILL KILL—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition

Special 35mm Widescreen Edition (1966) Tony Kendall, Brad Harris, Maria Perschy.  The first “Kommissar X” movie is a good one. Tony and Brad investigate murders of politicians and scientists.  They face a team of super hit ladies.  Look for all the action and style that let to numerous follow-ups...

Spies Espionage and Intrigue LADIES FIRST LADIES FIRST

1963) Eddie Constantine, Christiane Minazzoli, Robert Manuel, Mischa Auerl.  Here’s an Eddie Constantine film we’ve had sitting, unreleased, for over 25 years.  Better late than never, though, and we don’t think it’s ever before been on home video!  Eddie plays a tough FBI agent in France.  He meets up with a woman whose husband has been knocked off by his business partner.  It seems the partner has been using the firm as a cover for drug trafficking.  

Spies Espionage and Intrigue LADIES MAN* LADIES MAN*

(1962) Eddie Constantine, One of Eddie's many portrayals as super sleuth/agent, Lemmy Caution. This time the action and danger is set on the French Riviera. From 16mm.

(1942 PRC) - Anna Mae Wong, Harold Huber, Mae Clarke, Rick Vallin. A dose of WWII espionage, PRC style. Anna Mae, who hails from a noble Chinese family, is actually the leader of a Guerilla movement agains
Spies Espionage and Intrigue LIGHTNING BOLT* LIGHTNING BOLT*
(1965) Anthony Eisley, Diana Lorys, Ursula Parker. Directed by Antonio Margheriti. A secret agent goes after a madman who plots world domination from his incredible underwater city. He deflects moon rocke

(1964) Eddie Constantine, Nelly Benedetti, Daniel Ceccaldi. One of Eddie's better films. He plays a secret agent searching for a missing NATO weapons scientist who has invented a ring that emits a paralysi

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