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Back For 2022...THE $98 SPECIAL!  

Take advantage of the $98 Special through August 21st, 2022Grab any 12 DVD or books titles for just $98 postpaid.  It's a fantastic way to save money on your Sinister Cinema purchasescheck out the info below to the right or click on "Current Sales" above!

FYI: A New Batch of DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURES is coming soon!   



33 NEW DVD & BOOK RELEASES! Some Great New TitlesSee Below (Or click on "New Releases" above

WANT A HARD COPY OF OUR NEW FLYER?  Just drop us an email (scinema@qwestoffice.net) or give us a phone call:  541-773-6860.

IMPORTANT! UPGRADED TITLES NOW HAVE THEIR OWN CATEGORY! If you look to the left hand column the first category listed now is for "Upgraded Titles."  We started upgrading many of our older titles in December of 2020.  There are now well over one hundred of them and we are adding more every week.  Many of them (though not all) are upgrades not just in terms of their video quality but also to the full anamorphic widescreen format.  They're easy to spot.  Look for the name of the movie, followed by the words "Anamorphic Widescreen Edition" or "Anamorphic Widescreen."  Others are significant video upgrades on many older titles that have been popular over the years.  We initially were placing these upgrades into our "new releases" section, but the number has grown so quickly that we've decided to give them their own category.  The quality on these upgraded titles is much better than in the past.  If you have questions, please call us at 541-773-6860, or email us at scinema@qwestoffice.net.   

DEFECT POLICY: Anytime you have a defective disc, please call us at 541-773-6860, or email us at scinema@qwestoffice.net, and we will replace it for you.  There is no cost to you and you don't have to return the defective disc.   

IMPORTANT! Our Hours are  now Tuesday through Friday 9:00-5:00

Questions? Email us at scinema@qwestoffice.net or call 541-773-6860. Thanks!



We’ve got a fantastic lineup of 33 Brand New DVD and Book releases.  In this new batch are any number of great titles28 new Sinister Cinema movies and 5 new Armchair Fiction titles.  On the movie side you’ll want to check out our new Anamorphic, 2-Disc Edition of JOURNEY TO THE LOST CITY (1959); a visually astonishing fantasy awaits you with KASHCHEI THE IMMORTAL (1945); one of our best new science fiction features in years is OMICRON (1963);  British horror fans will love Lee and Cushing together in our anamorphic release of I, MONSTER (1971); Grand National's WHITE LEGION is a great surprise with a very topical storyline that combines action, intrigue, and even a touch of horror; Rex Bell's TOO MUCH BEEF (1936) is a rare B western that hasn't been around much (beautiful print, too); WITCHHAMMER (1969) is a fantastic story of witchcraft, similar in the spirit to WITCHFINDER GENERAL; for a great crime thriller aboard a train, check out the great British thriller ROME EXPRESS (1932); a very underrated sci-fi gem is FROZEN ALIVE (1964) now available on video in anamorphic widescreen; plus there are many other great (and some wonderfully not so great) titles.  HEART OF STONE, CARNIVAL OF BLOOD (anamorphic), BAR 20 RIDES AGAIN (Hoppy), and THE RED QUEEN KILLS SEVEN TIMES are just few  One the Armchair Fiction side we have five new titles.  Be especially sure to check out our two new "Masters of Horror" collections featuring Weird Tales greats Arthur J. Burks and Mary Elizabeth Counselman.  These are terrific collections that you won't be able to put down.  

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Questions or orders?  Call us: 1-541-773-6860




Our latest Drive-in Double Feature lineup features TEN (DI-203 through DI-212) completely new DI twin-bills; PLUS—for the first time in over 20 years—TWO NEW WALK-IN TWIN-BILLS (WI07-WI08).  These are all $12.95 each and contain two films each with opening trailers and newly created intermission countdowns between the features.  These countdowns (usually in excess of 10 minutes) contain some of the best drive-in & walk-in ads and promos you’ll ever see--and virtually none of the ads are repeated from one double feature to another!  So whether you prefer your popcorn microwaved or cooked on the stove, pop some up, grab a soda and a hot dog, and settle back.  There are some terrific films featured in this year's combos, including gems like BATTLE OF THE WORLDS (now anamorphic widescreen in English), CARRY ON SCREAMING (a British comedy horror gem—also anamorphic), SEVEN BLOOD-STAINED ORCHIDS (a terrific giallo Edgar Wallace chiller in anamorphic widescreen), FEAR NO MORE (a great Mala Powers film noir gem), JOURNEY BENEATH THE DESERT (from a nice color print), HORROR MANIACS (a Tod Slaughter body snatching classic), plus many more.  So it’s time once again for movies under the stars.  And remember, SUPPORT YOU LOCAL DRIVE-IN!

Thanks Again!

 $12.95 per Double Feature (plus shipping)

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VHS IS GONE! Well...we hung on to this format far longer than most companies, but it's time to hang up the old VHS saddle completely.  We want to thank all of our faithful VHS aficionados from over the years.  Hopefully you'll find your way into the DVD or Blu-ray formats.  So long VHS!


Great Savings thru August 21st!

Purchase any 12 DVD or book titles from anywhere on the Sinister Cinema website for only 98 bucks, postpaid!   

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For those of you buying any of our New Armchair Fiction titles (see below) we'd like to encourage you (if you're not partaking in the $98 Special or other sales) to make your purchases of these new titles on AMAZON.COM.  First of all, it helps us greatly with our Amazon ranking.  Secondly, if you're a PRIME Member you will save lots of money on shipping.  Again, this pertains to people making smaller purchases on our new Armchair Fiction titles.




17 New & Recent ARMCHAIR FICTION Releases!
We have five brand new titles, including three classic sci-fi novels, plus two new "Masters of Horror" collections.  On the novel side, check out R. H. Roman's "The Moon Conquerors," which is a great interplanetary novel, fully illustrated by Frank R. Paul.  But the big additions here are our two new "Masters of Horror" collections, one by Arthur J. Burks; the other by Mary Elizabeth Counselman.  These contain some of the best stories ever written for Weird Talessome wonderfully chilling tales!  And don't forget about our recent batch of twelve "Lost World-Lost Race" titles, including Gilbert Collins' "Valley of Eyes Unseen"; Ray Cummings' "The Sea Girl"; Victor Rousseau's "The Sea Demons"; plus many others.    

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