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39 NEW RELEASESNow Available! (see below)

THE $98 SPECIALBack Again for 2020! (see below, right)


UPDATE:  4/3/2020.  Coronavirus has changed all of our lives.  I wish you all the best and hope you and your loved ones are safe.  Here at Sinister Cinema things are a bit tough, but we are hanging in there as best we can.  If you need some good movies or books to pass the time with, we're here to help out.  Thanks so much.  In the meantime, stay inside and keep sanitizing like crazy!  Our country will get through this.  I have now doubt of that.  Stay safe and stay well.  Best, Greg Luce


First off, I want to thank EVERYONE who has supported us over the past year.  2019 was a good year, far better than we had expected and light years ahead of 2018.  As you all know, last year saw the publication of the final Sinister Cinema catalog, in which we announced the possibility that we might shut down the company or, at the very least, reduce it to part-time hours. 

I am pleased to tell you that WE WILL CONTINUE ON A PART-TIME BASIS THROUGH JANUARY, 2021.

So here’s what we’re going to do, as of February 1st, 2020 we have reduced Sinister Cinema’s hours to a 4-day schedule.  Our new hours of operation will be Tuesday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (occasionally on Monday if things get busy).


Last year when we announced the possibility of Sinister Cinema shutting down, many longtime Sinister customers were aghast!  But as long as the company is profitable I plan on keeping it open.  So again, the fate of the company more or less rests in the hands of you, our devoted Sinister/Armchair Fiction patrons.  I must admit I was really surprised at the response we had in 2019.  And I can never thank you all enough!  So here’s what will happen:  First off, catalogs are kaput.  I won’t be doing a new one.  However, a flyer will be mailed soon that will more or less take the place of a new catalog.  Look for it around the end of February or the beginning of March.  It does indeed contain the 23 new DVD releases that would have been in a new catalog and it will also bring back—just like previous catalogs—the $98 Special.  It also has 16 new Armchair Fiction titles and all the new titles from last fall. So hang on to it!  This summer we’ll then have one final schedule of Drive-in Double Features.  Then in October we’ll have our usual autumn new releases.  As usual, we’ll bring back the $98 Special for the Holiday Season through mid-January, 2021. 

THEN... At the end of January we’ll either keep things open on a part time basis or shut the company down. It will all depend on the response.  But regardless of how it turns out, it’s been a unique privilege running this little mom-and-pop company all these years and a distinct pleasure serving all of you.  Thanks so much again!  Sincerely, Greg Luce. (and my loyal slaves, Kat & Mo)

Questions? Email us at scinema@qwestoffice.net or call 541-773-6860. Thanks!


(Also 45 Recent DVD Releases from last Fall and 12 Drive-in Double Features from last Summersee below)

Questions or orders?  Call us: 1-541-773-6860

Wow!  We've got 39 Brand New DVD Movie and Armchair Fiction book releases to salivate over. There are some great new movies, including films like HIGH TREASON (1929, Both Sound and Silent versions!), CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA (1961, A stunning Widescreen Edition), HOUSE OF GHOSTS (1951—A bad movie must), DEAD MOUNTAINEER'S HOTEL (1979, A superb, eerie sci-fi chiller), NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST (1959, Another beautiful Widescreen Edition), THE MISSING BOYS OF ST. AGIL (1939, A superb thriller with Erich Von Stroheim), THE DUMMY (1976, A cool Nigel Kneale-scripted TV horror feature), KING OF THE UNDERWORLD (1952, Great maniacal ravings by Tod Slaughter), THE DEVIL'S HAND (1961, yet another beautiful Widescreen Edition), THE GREEN CHAMBER OF LINNAIS (1945, A creepy gothic chiller), plus many others, as well as 16 New Armchair Fiction Releases (see below).  Thanks for all your continued support as we continue through at least another year of Sinister Cinema and Armchair Fiction. 

Thanks again!

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Check out this year's crop, there are some great matchups, including FULL WIDESCREEN titles like MINOTAUR, WILD BEAST OF CRETE, THE MURDER CLINIC, THE MAGIC SERPENT, and more...

$12.95 per Double Feature

Click HERE to see our New Drive-in Double Features along with our older DI combos, too

VHS is Done!  Sort of... We are out of blank tape stock.  However, we do have limited quantities of a number of leftover VHS pre-records we used to carry from other companies like HBO/Orion, VCI, and others.  The titles are DIE MONSTER, DIE; CRY OF THE BANSHEE; UNTAMED MISTRESS (call us on this one before ordering:  541-773-6860); THE LOST CONTINENT (1951); THE BOOGEY MAN; GORGO; and TORTURE CHAMBER OF BARON BLOOD.  These are factory-sealed VHS pre-records that have never been opened and THEY ARE ON SALE FOR ONLY $6.95 EACH.  These are actually fairly rare, collectible items so grab them while you can.  We've stuck them in their respective website categories and also in the New Releases section for the time being.  If you have questions, please call us (541-773-6860) or drop us a line.


Buy Any 12 DVD or book titles for only 98 bucks postpaid  

Offer good through August 15th, 2020

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16 Brand New ARMCHAIR FICTION Releases!
This includes ten new Science Fiction Double Novels, featuring great tales from science fiction's best authors: Harlan Ellison, Edmond Hamilton, John W. Campbell, Murray Leinster, Harriet Frank, and others.  We've also got four new Mystery-Suspense-Crime Double Novels, including tales by Stephen Marlowe (Milton Lesser), Day Keene, Robert Moore Williams, and others.  And to top it off, there are two new Science Fiction Gems collections packed full of great tales by L. Sprague de Camp, Raymond Z. Gallun, David H. Keller, Roger Dee, Milton Lesser, Rog Phillips, and many others. 
 These are all great new Armchair Fiction editions filled with great tales, and the covers are to DIE for!  Check 'em out.  

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