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THE $98 SPECIALBack Again for 2020! (see below, right)

IMPORTANT! Our New Hours are Tuesday through Friday 9:00-5:00

Questions? Email us at scinema@qwestoffice.net or call 541-773-6860. Thanks!


THE ONE THING COVID-19 HASN'T STOPPED IS THE AMERICAN DRIVE-IN THEATER!  Many are coming back.  But if you don’t have a drive-in theater nearby, our double features are definitely the next best thing!  This year’s lineup includes TEN completely new twin-bill combos; three others are from our original VHS series and are on DVD for the first time.  These new combos are $12.95 each and are filled with the kind of nostalgic DI intermissions and trailers that you’ve come to love!  There are previews of coming attractions before each combo's first movie and a full 10-minute countdown between the two features.  These countdowns (which are usually well in excess of 10 minutes) contain some of the best drive-in ads and promos you will ever see--and none of the ads are repeated from one double feature to another!  So pop some popcorn and settle back.  There are some terrific films featured in this year's combos, including gems like DRACULA AND SON (Chris Lee's great Dracula encore), ISLAND OF THE FISHMEN (great late '70s horror), STAR FORCE (UFO documentary never before on video!), AN ANGEL FOR SATAN (Barbara Steele classic now with English subs), THE TRYGON FACTOR (a cool Edgar Wallace thriller), plus many more.  So it’s time once again for movies under the stars.  And remember, SUPPORT YOU LOCAL DRIVE-IN! (and don't forget we've got 39 Recent DVD releases and 16 recent Armchair Fiction releases)

Thanks Again!

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Do You Only Want Drive-In Double Features?

To see only our Drive-in Double Features selection, simply click on the link below.  And remember, our Drive-in Double Features are only... 

$12.95 per Double Feature (plus shipping)

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VHS is Done!  Sort of... We are out of blank tape stock.  However, we do have limited quantities of a number of leftover VHS pre-records we used to carry from other companies like HBO/Orion, VCI, and others.  The titles are DIE MONSTER, DIE; CRY OF THE BANSHEE; UNTAMED MISTRESS (call us on this one before ordering:  541-773-6860); THE LOST CONTINENT (1951); THE BOOGEY MAN; GORGO; and TORTURE CHAMBER OF BARON BLOOD.  These are factory-sealed VHS pre-records that have never been opened and THEY ARE ON SALE FOR ONLY $6.95 EACH.  These are actually fairly rare, collectible items so grab them while you can.  We've stuck them in their respective website categories and also in the New Releases section for the time being.  If you have questions, please call us (541-773-6860) or drop us a line.


Buy Any 12 DVD or book titles for only 98 bucks postpaid  

Offer good through August 15th, 2020

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This includes ten new Science Fiction Double Novels, featuring great tales from science fiction's best authors: Harlan Ellison, Edmond Hamilton, John W. Campbell, Murray Leinster, Harriet Frank, and others.  We've also got four new Mystery-Suspense-Crime Double Novels, including tales by Stephen Marlowe (Milton Lesser), Day Keene, Robert Moore Williams, and others.  And to top it off, there are two new Science Fiction Gems collections packed full of great tales by L. Sprague de Camp, Raymond Z. Gallun, David H. Keller, Roger Dee, Milton Lesser, Rog Phillips, and many others. 
 These are all great new Armchair Fiction editions filled with great tales, and the covers are to DIE for!  Check 'em out.  

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