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Look! 56 NEW RELEASES; Plus! The $98 Special Returns for the Holidays!

We have 49 NEW MOVIES and 7 NEW ARMCHAIR FICTION Titles.  

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IMPORTANT! We continue to UPGRADE older titles.  Just click on "Upgraded Titles" in the left hand column.  Many of these (though not all) are upgrades not just in terms of their video quality but also to the full anamorphic widescreen format.  The quality on these upgrades is very good.  If you have questions, please call us at 541-773-6860, or email us at scinema@qwestoffice.net.   

DEFECT POLICY: Anytime you have a defective disc, please call us at 541-773-6860, or email us at scinema@qwestoffice.net, and we will replace it for you.  There is no cost to you and you don't have to return the defective disc.   

IMPORTANT! Our Hours are now Tuesday through Friday 9:00-5:00

Questions? Email us at scinema@qwestoffice.net or call 541-773-6860. Thanks!


$16.95 Per Title Unless Otherwise Noted

Here are some TERRIFIC New Films! 
It's Autumn and that means NEW RELEASE time here at Sinister Cinema.  We have an outstanding lineup of 49 New DVD titles.  Check out that great forgotten horror-mystery classic, LADY IN WHITE (1962) with Nils Asther.  It's a terrific chiller.  On the science fiction side, you'll be blown away by THE MAN WHO THOUGHT LIFE (1966), which is easily one of the best sci-fi titles we've had in many years.  For those of you who love K. Gordon Murray Mexican horror, check out SAMSON IN THE WAX MUSEUM, now in English and from 35mm for the first time.  An engaging murder mystery awaits you with ALONE IN THE NIGHT (1945), which will keep you guessing until the end.  We've got a great Soviet sci-fi thriller ANDROMEDA NEBULA, with brand new, easy to understand English subtitles.  MESSIAH OF EVIL (1973) has the best elements of both CARNIVAL OF SOULS and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.  If you like Old Dark House movies, you'll love POTLUCK (1936), which is a most underrated British comedy-chiller.  We've got Edgar Wallace's THE GREEN ARCHER (1961) in an English edition from 35mm.  If sword and sandal is your thing, wait till you see our beautiful anamorphic print of THE TITANS (1962) starring the beautiful Jacqueline Sassard.  And for you Grade Z so-bad-they're-good film fans, check out that turkey from Turkey, IRON FIST: THE GIANTS ARE COMING.  Plus there are dozens of other terrific titles, all part of the best lineup of new films we've had in a long, long time.  IN ADDITION, we’ve got 7 Brand New Armchair Fiction Releases (including 5 New Sci-Fi Double Novels and 2 New Masters of Science Fiction Collections—See Below) 

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ALSO!  12 Recent Drive-in Double Features

A FANTASTIC Batch of New Double Billings

We’ve got 12 new DI combos for you to feast your eyes on.  Nine are brand new pairings along with three older re-mastered combos.  These pairings include some choice titles like SATAN’S TRIANGLE (Kim Novak, 1975); MAN IN THE ATTIC (Jack Palance, 1953); PSYCHO CIRCUS (Chris Lee, 1966); SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT (1972); INQUISITION (Paul Naschy, 1976); DAY OF THE NIGHTMARE (1965); plus an all-anamorphic-widescreen pairing of one of our very first doubles, BLOODY PIT OF HORROR and TERROR CREATURES FROM THE GRAVE.  We also have more new intermission ads that we’ve added to our intermission material library; there’s some great new stuff to go along with all the new material we added last year, all blended in with many of our old standards. 

Like last year, the video quality of these new double features is outstanding!  So load up with a big batch of hot buttered popcorn; maybe a BBQ beef sandwich, your favorite soda, not to mention nachos, hot dogs, candy, ice cream, etc.; then settle back for another trip down nostalgia lane as we once again celebrate movies under the stars.  And remember, SUPPORT YOU LOCAL DRIVE-IN!  



Thanks Again!


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Six New Classic titles in ANAMORPHIC WIDESCREEN for the First Time!

The Anamorphic Experiment is back with 6 new releases: DELUGE (1933), THE GHOUL (1933), THE DEVIL BAT (1941), DETOUR (1945), ROLL ON TEXAS MOON (1946), KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL (1953). We do this for film fans who want to see older films in the anamorphic widescreen format—our releases are formatted at 1.66:1 (except for the opening credits, which are usually about 1.50:1).  As we've mentioned before, the software of today allows us to go through older, classic films and pull out an anamorphic picture that makes sense and doesn’t deter from the film’s original camera composition.  We do this scene by scene, sometimes shot by shot, adjusting the framing to make sure we have the best possible screen composition.  This year’s titles turned out great, especially DELUGE (1933), whose scenes of destruction and post-destruction vistas worked beautifully with the anamorphic format.  

Again, keep in mind that these do not replace the original 1.33:1 versions, but will be offered in addition to them.  In other words, we’re offering the best of both worlds.  So we hope you enjoy these titles and even hope some of you with reservations will try them out—you might be pleasantly surprised.  All 8 titles are available for only


$12.95 each, plus shipping.

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Back for the Holidays!

Great Savings!

Buy any 12 DVD or Book titles for $98 Postpaid

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If you like tales of Science Fiction and Adventure check these great new titles out. (scroll down to the bottom of this page for more info).  




Here are 7 new Armchair Fiction releases for your bookshelf.  There are 5 more New Science Fiction Double Novels featuring the likes of Stanton A. Coblentz, Erik Fennel, Milton Lesser, Harl Vincent, and others.  Not only that, but we've also got 2 new volumes of our "Masters of Science Fiction" series.  One volume features the works of that great 1930s author and creator of the Professor Jameson stories, Neil R. Jones.  The other volume is filled with stories by one of the most popular "science fiction digest" authors of the 1950s, Rog Phillips  Check these out and more by simply clicking below.   

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