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Drive in Double Features . DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #166 . DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #166

THE STRANGER (1973) Glenn Corbett, Cameron Mitchell, Lew Ayres, Sharon Acker, Dean Jagger.  After a mishap in space Corbett finds himself in a strange hospital where no one can give him any answers.  PLUS  CROWHAVEN FARM (1970) Hope Lange, Paul Burke, John Carradine, Lloyd Bochner. Lange and hubby inherit a strange old farm.  She soon sees visions of ancient settlers doing weird things with rocks and wooden doors...

Drive in Double Features . DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #169 . DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #169

RIP VAN WYK (1960) Jamie Uys, Wynona Cheyney.  This movie is actually a time travel movie. Set in 1859, Uys meets a mysterious man who feeds him a potion causing him to fall asleep and hurtle 100 years through time.  He awakens, un-aged, in 1959—a strange, unfamiliar, modern world.  PLUS:  THE DAY THE SKY EXPLODED (1958) Paul Hubschmid, Ivo Garrani. A rocket lifts off for the moon. The rocket (containing lots of atomic matter) smashes into an asteroid, which in turn shatters into an avalanche of deadly rocks and space debris...

Current Sales . The Super 6 Sale . The Super 6 Sale

Simply add this product to your cart to take advantage of this great sale. Buy any 5 titles from our website catalog and receive the 6th title absolutely free. Remember, this sale applies to all titles in our website catalog. WE WILL ADJUST YOUR FINAL TOTAL!  Don't worry about the total on your invoice during checkout, we will adjust your total on our end and you will only be charged the sale price. We will also pick your most expensive title(s) to be your free title(s). 

(1966) Kirk Morris, Gordon Mitchell, Leontine Snell. One of the rarest of all '60's sci-fi films. An alien spaceship from the planet Hydra lands on Earth and kidnaps a group of humans. Hibernating robots, al
Armchair Fiction 20,000 A.D. & DRUID MOON 20,000 A.D. & DRUID MOON

Armchair Fiction presents illustrated, extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The first novel is a true classic from the golden age of science fiction, by Nathan Schachner and Arthur Zagat.  The second novel is “Druid Moon” written by the well-known science fiction writer, Ray Cummings.  ​Click on the image to the left to find out more about these two great titles...

Armchair Fiction 30 DAY WONDER 30 DAY WONDER
Armchair fiction presents extra large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels. “30 Day Wonder” is a great tale in which Aliens comically invade Earth, written by science fict
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